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  2. Mini Lesson Plan: Metamorphosis
  3. Metamorphosis: the very hungry caterpillar hits puberty › Bernie's Basics (ABC Science)
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There you go, Science and Pastoral Care sessions going hand-in-hand!


Activity 2: Metamorphosis Beyond Butterflies! Be sure to introduce to the little ones how marvelously intriguing the animal kingdom can be!

A family of artists

The Kids Discover website lays out metamorphosis and life cycles in an interesting way, exploring the radical changes during metamorphosis, and even unusual metamorphosis forms! To complement with all this exposure to new knowledge, have the kids try out some hands-on activities and consolidate their newly-gained wisdom with word-search puzzles, quizzes and fact files with this handy worksheet package here!

The story revolves around a hungry caterpillar who eats its way through a variety of foods before pupating and turning into a butterfly.

How a Caterpillar Becomes a Butterfly

Entertaining and vividly delivered, this is a riveting tale that can teach the kids about numbers and the life cycle of a butterfly. Next, have fun with the kids drawing, painting and even making butterflies in their various stages of life!

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  2. How caterpillars gruesomely transform into butterflies;
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From caterpillars made from egg cartons to simple butterfly origami to toothpick butterflies sounds weird but is actually really cool! Activity 4: Butterflies Up Close!

Mini Lesson Plan: Metamorphosis

The Painted Jezebel Delias hyparete metarete is one of the 23 common butterfly species in Singapore. Where there is flora, there are usually butterflies. For the first thing that the caterpillar does inside its chrysalis is to release chemicals stored in its body and dissolve itself into a liquidy mush. Note: Butterflies come out of chrysalises and moths come out of cocoons.

Metamorphosis: the very hungry caterpillar hits puberty › Bernie's Basics (ABC Science)

Out of this liquidy mush the body, head, wings and internal organs are formed. In only 8 days a full size Monarch butterfly emerges. The question that has intrigued humanity for centuries is this, how does the mush organize itself into the incredible complexity that is a butterfly? For the caterpillar mush is truly mush.

Expertise. Insights. Illumination.

There is no brain or apparent pattern in the mush, but obviously there is one for all Monarch caterpillars turn into Monarch butterflies. Entomologists have studied this mystery for years, but have no answers as to how it happens. Perhaps only later in life do readers learn to feel sorrowful, indigestive empathy for the gluttonous caterpillar. Reynolds believes that the narrative about transformation can also be understood as an age-appropriate allegory about growing up.

  1. How caterpillars gruesomely transform into butterflies.
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Read: The connected vocabularies of six-month-olds. Another aspect of The Very Hungry Caterpillar that has added to its perpetual popularity is its vivid, subtly sophisticated art. The sun in The Very Hungry Caterpillar , she points out, even has a smiley face. In that way, Carle was ahead of his time.