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The prince but gave them glances hard, No gracious word he said; He scratched their names from off his card, And wrote hers down instead: And where he would bestow his hand He showed them in a trice By handing her the kisses, and To each of them an ice! In sudden need of fire and fur Both Gwendolyn and Gladys were. Their sister stayed till after two, And, with a joy sincere, The prince obtained her crystal shoe By way of souvenir.

Since I love you, you must be my bride!

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And into sudden languishment Both Gwendolyn and Gladys went. The Moral: All the girls on earth Exaggerate their proper worth. They think the very shoes they wear Are worth the average millionaire; Whereas few pairs in any town Can be half-sold for half a crown! Create a library and add your favorite stories.

Matthew Bourne’s WWII ‘Cinderella’ Magical Reimagining

Get started by clicking the "Add" button. That way lies madness. Just enjoy the campyness…it is the only saving grace of this prince, really. These glorious vestments are worn during a family council session in which the ball is planned. Apparently, only women are invited, as the prince is expected to marry one of them before the evening is over. The prince, rebellious and free-spirited as he is, would rather… Well… Frolic around the snow with his companions.

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Also go hunting, but mostly frolic. They practice wooing ladies at a ball on each other, slow-dance a little, and then roll around in the snow. The stepmother has sent the perpetually drunk stable hand out to go fetch them all of the supplies for their ball gowns. This stable hand is at least as much of a fairy godmother in this as the owl. This is how we get to the three hazelnuts from the title; Cinderella first jokes that she could use a ball gown as well, then tells him to bring her just whatever he happens to come across. Well, as much as this Cinderella needs a fairy godmother anyhow.

Not only does Cinderella constantly sneak out to go riding, she also talks back to her step other on occasion. And somehow, she is never punished for this behavior. You know, the one who she almost got into an actual physical confrontation with and all that. But I guess they were both into it? Yes, all the grimdark has definitely gone to my head. Suspend yourself, disbelief! Do it! That will allow her to get close to the prince. I am not making any of this up! The prince, of course, is busy doing what he does best. Frolicking through the snow with his guy friends and hunting.

Just that this is a fancy, official hunt, with dogs chasing after a fox, and a King of the Hunt to be declared after shooting down the one single bird of prey left in the forest or something. And who would be declared King of the Hunt other than our established super huntress Cinderella? She got the fancy matching outfit and everything! On Wednesdays, we wear earth tones. Cinderella and the prince match, because they both have differently colored legs.

And a wig. And as King of the Hunt, the prince gives her a fancy, fancy ring to wear. Putting it on her finger. I am starting to understand why her horse had to be literally snow white — makes for better camouflage given the circumstances. The prince is dead-set on finding the strapping young hunter that just escaped him, though, and both he and his companions explicitly use male pronouns and the male term for hunter when asking about it.

Cinderella hides out in the tree some more, and the royal party abandons the hunt for the hunter. They have a royal ball to get to, after all. Cinderella helps stepmother and stepsister to get dressed, is teased all the while, even though she completely unironically told Dora how pretty she was damn straight!

Anyhow, the ball is well on its way, and I finally figured out why we all love watching this movie for Christmas so much. I mean, look at them! Truly, the royal family scenes are a delight.

Look at them! All of them! This is an alternative universe during the age of multicolored pantyhose for pants and literal umbrellas as headdresses and anything goes. The ball starts, and the prince accidentally dances with a very… Enthusiastic fat woman. She knows. Cinderella has, once again, used this opportunity to sneak out of the house.

And she consciously makes the decision to use one of her magical nuts to that end, ending up with the most disappointing costume of the movie, but a matching saddle for her magically appearing horse.

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  6. She arrives at the palace just in time to peek through the window, unperturbed by the guards directly next to her, to see that Dora did indeed score a dance with the prince after all. And she catches the exact ten seconds in which the prince is marginally entertained by her, before ditching her since all she can talk about is how much she adores him. Cinderella runs back to her horse, distraught until she gives herself and the horse a pep talk, and then she goes back in.

    Without an invitation, and without being stopped by the guards or anything. Probably because her dress sucks so much. I mean, just look at it! Nevertheless, everyone is smitten by her. Even the prince, who seconds before was just about to go quit this whole royalty thing and become a lumberjack. Nobody can keep him from frolicking through the woods then! But then, after causing minor accidents due to people staring at her horrible dress, Cinderella walks in and he does a double take.

    But Cinderella is on her game, and her game is remembering everyone in this movie except for her, and especially the stepmom, Dora, and the prince, are idiots. This is extremely suspicious, and just works to make the ugly outfit even uglier. Oh well. Romantic dancing and awkward banter ensues. Everyone is trying to figure out who she is, no one demands she introduce herself or produce an invitation. The king wants to invite her up on the dais because she carries herself so well. Suspend yourself, my disbelief!

    Cinderella is less than impressed, and pointedly reminds him that maybe he should ask for her opinion on the matter first, but does eventually agree to marry him if he can support her sudden turn into a sphinx, I mean, answer her riddle. I can literally not think of a different reason for her to do this.

    Cinderella the Cat - Wikipedia

    Anyhow, credit where credit is due, again: the prince runs after her himself. Not the hair, the eyes, the rest of the face behind a see-through veil, not the voice or the horse. The cape she wore. Look, Czech woods in the snow are pretty and all, but can we not for maybe, I dunno, twenty minutes at a time? At least this chase sequence has a climactic ending, I suppose, as the carriage topples over and Dora and stepmother fall into a partially frozen pond.

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    I only save maidens that can pass for strapping hunters! Dick move. And find his stupidity endearing? Dressed down to her third layer beneath the ball nightgown, Cinderella makes her way to the abandoned barn just as the owl returns, and decides that now that stepmother and Dora are freezing to death somewhere along the way, the time has come to just go and get the prince, I guess. She uses her last magical nut, and it pops out the prettiest dress of the movie, which also happens to be a wedding dress.