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Reason with Compassion - The Humanist Way (Paperback)

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Definition of Humanism

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humanism | Definition, Principles, History, & Influence |

Content that is hateful, threatening, or pornographic; incites violence; contains nudity, graphic or gratuitous violence; or is otherwise unlawful is prohibited. Not every aspect of cultural evolution has been unequivocally wonderful for humanity, nor has the trajectory of this evolution always been perfectly linear—it has often been a case of three steps forward, two steps back. Still, humanity has clearly made some massive net gains in 12, years, especially in terms of epistemological and social attitudes more on these points below. Societies have had to evolve—they have had to become larger and more technologically advanced, for example—in order to compete in balance-of-power races with other societies [1,2].

The ideal of humanitas

Humanist-type values have contributed hugely to societal success in these balance-of-power competitions. This contribution is especially obvious in the case of epistemological values: knowledge truly is power, and societies that have embraced the scientific method have advantaged themselves technologically, economically, and in many other ways. But Humanist-type social values have been equally important in enabling cultural success, because what these values have really been about, functionally , is allowing and encouraging people to be as brilliant as they can be, in pursuit of both their own happiness and in their ambitions to contribute to society.

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Humanist-type social values strive to overcome the regressive bigotry that, by rejecting contributions from members of particular social categories based on ethnicity , class, and so on , would prevent individuals from giving the most they had to offer. These values also increase individual motivation to contribute productively and cooperatively to society, by allowing people greater freedom to pursue their own happiness as opposed to being a slave, for example, or the pawn of a dictatorial state. Over the course of cultural evolution, reductions in bigotry and increases in personal liberty have allowed societies to become increasingly cooperative [3], nonviolent [4], and more powerful in every sense: when you maximise individual ability to contribute, you generate a society that is maximally motivated, inventive, productive, stable, and strong.

These values have been key engines of progress over millennia of cultural evolution, and we have every reason to expect them to retain these functions in the future. Copyright Michael E. Price All rights reserved.

The ideal of humanitas

China and Russia would seem to be incredible civilizations that have embraced science and pushed to maximize some individual contributions without being particularly "moral" about it. Also, note that communist cultures are even ambivalent about science; there have been historical trends in Russia, for example, to reject "Western" science as infected with capitalism. They claimed to be the most scientific societies that have ever existed. You do not know what you are talking about. Or, that some's sciences are rejected based on what only one society may try and make a monopoly of it, in regards to others Optimistic, but we should aim higher, beyond humanism.

Perhaps a new term is required. My notion is that when we use terms which are commonly used as labels like "progressive" or "humanist" they come preloaded with meaning that often taint what we want to communicate. When we used words like compassion, loving kindness, logical thinking, non judgment, forgiveness, self actualization, self responsibility, inclusivity, they are more specific and yet less "loaded". My other notion is that the scientific method can only be one aspect of helping to reveal the objective truth.

In my experience what helps us reveal the objective truth to the extent that it can is self awareness, freeing ourselves from conditioning, seeing how we keep tinting our understanding of the world from the inside out, etc In other words to fully apply the scientific method we need to apply it to ourselves with as much rigor as to the outside world. If this article is true, the implication is truly terrifying. Nietzsche's prediction would be fulfilled and human society would soon follow it in ruin.

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