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  4. ISBN 13: 9780971878921

On Sabbath, November 9, , I completed the eighty-fifth year of my life. The first. I am distinctly aware of the fact that should I, in speaking of the past, use a single word or. Here permit me to say, in general, that while I was in public regarded an unexceptionably. Two facts peculiarized my natural characteristics.

On one side my nature was specially. From my early years the principle of ambition had continuous and absolute control over my. Of my conversion, I may say of a truth that it was, in the judgment of all who knew me, of a. He was also the main public figure in what was then a mini-trend of vigorous concern about the end of life as we know it, eschatology , that is, the end times.

In many ways, he was a s Pentecostalist several generations before such a thing existed. He also conducted exorcisms. These created a sensation which drew people from all over Western Europe. This was so, even though Blumhardt himself insisted that it was not his hands that healed, but God's response to honest prayer. He became known for the phrase "Christ is the Victor".

ISBN 13: 9780971878921

Blumhardt saw sickness as a way that the Devil's power was brought to bear on our sin-soaked lives. He believed that the way to resist sickness is to confess our sin and change our ways.

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As years went by, he stressed searching the soul to find 'hidden sins' that could be making us ill. However, he did not believe that one could become perfect or sin-free before God in this lifetime, which to him was why all of us become ill. Blumhardt opened up a healing-spa at Bad Boll in Finney's own view of 'baptism of the Holy Spirit' was not much different from most evangelists of his day. Yet, Morgan and others from Oberlin College especially Henry Cowles and from the Finney revivals were re-thinking what that baptism meant, in light of the Finney revivals' vigorous manifestations.

She went on to found several faith-healing centers 'faith homes' , using the same methods plus close attention to living a Christian way of life.

Baptism of the Holy Ghost and Praying in Tongues - My Testimony

Her main associate was Samuel Zeller. His prayer at the end of the book asks God to send the greatest demonstration of the Spirit's power ever. These meetings drew many of its members from the business and financial communities of Manhattan. The theme was that the good news of Christ was divine power, a power far different than the power they were used to seeing and wielding in their line of work -- power given to serve, and to change anything that otherwise cannot be changed.

Interest spread, and caused many churches to grow. It even affected well-known established congregations such as Plymouth Congregational Church in Brooklyn, the sometimes-home of superstar preacher Henry Ward Beecher. In , it had drawn 50, new members into churches, and had expanded to Pittsburgh and DC. As the movement dissipated, many of those who took part found their way to Phoebe Palmer's meetings. Others founded church prayer groups in other places, bringing important local leadership to local churches. Several, including Arthur Pierson of 13th Street Presbyterian Church, took leading roles in missionary work.

The baptism of the Holy Ghost. / By Rev. Asa Mahan. - Version details - Trove

Palmer is responsible for much of the theology and language that became the common marks of Holiness and Pentecostal churches, especially about the Holy Spirit's work in sanctification , mission, and prayer. There are dozens of such examples. Her books were widely ridiculed by church leaders and mostly ignored and dismissed by mainstream theologians, but the books had a powerful impact on the next generation of Christian leaders.

By the s, after her death but clearly following where she was going, the magazine was describing revival activities as being ' pentecostal '. She also left her mark through her imagery of Christ as the altar, her active support of women's roles in ministry, her magazine's reporting on far-flung revival news forging a worldwide identity for the movement , and her Five Points Missions in impoverished city neighborhoods. Cullis became determined to take the gospel and the Holiness message on perfection to the poor and ill.

He founded orphanages, schools, and health institutions. In , after reading about Dorothea Trudel's work, faith healing became a full part of his approach. Cullis worked hard to lead Holiness leaders to accept this merging of the two streams. He did this so well that later, when Holiness gave birth to Pentecostalism and Pentecostalism gave birth to the Charismatic Movement, faith healing was seen as a natural part of the new developments.

Cullis' gospel events in the rest of the 19th Century created a platform for his combination of Holiness doctrine and faith healing, and the general public and press looked on with both wonder and puzzlement. Soon, Stockmayer would be opening his own faith-healing home in Switzerland. Stockmayer was more keen on spreading the word about faith healing than Blumhardt, Trudel or Zeller. He wrote a popular book on it, and spoke at many religious gatherings all over Western Europe, including several of Britain's Keswick Conventions see below. Mahan was a leading architect of Oberlin's perfectionist approach to holiness , focusing on Christ's role in it.

But he began to shift toward a view in which the Holy Spirit accomplished not only salvation, but holiness or completeness sanctification in the initiating event, termed 'baptism of the Holy Ghost'. His book marked this shift and shaped one of Pentecostalism's key doctrines. Keswick became Britain's annual hub for Holiness teachings of a mostly non-Wesleyan kind. At Keswick, they spoke of being given victorious power by the Spirit over inward sin, where a Wesleyan might talk of Christ's gradual 'eradicating' it removing it, root and all.

Keswick viewed baptism as an anointing more than a cleansing. Robert Hawker. An Alarm to the Unconverted. Joseph Alleine. The Ultimate Commentary On 1 John.

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John Wesley. Compiled by Barbour Staff.

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ISBN 13: 9780971878921

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