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Always wished for a manual to tell you how to parent? Where do you find some solid parent-ed classes?

Begin at the beginning with birth and early parent preparation. These classes are full of useful information about what to expect during labor and birth. Most birth classes now include newborn care and feeding along with information to help new parents in the first blurry weeks of parenthood.


Maternity care today is complex. Professionals disagree over what the safest practices are, says Simkin.

Those baby days fly past. Suddenly, parents find themselves with little people who are developing at a rapid pace. Child development classes can help parents understand what to expect at each stage and teach parents how to navigate common developmental hurdles. Taking parenting classes helps to give you a foundation of skills — a toolbox you can apply to each new situation. Fremont mom Mary Balmaceda found courses through the Neufeld Institute , which offers a variety of parent education programs, including books, DVDs, online courses and groups facilitated by local parent educators.

Other classes focus on parent development.

RIE Parenting Basics (9 Ways to Put Respect into Action)

Other programs offer both child and parent development aspects. The Gottman Relationship Institute, for example, focuses on the science of relationships and how the concept of emotional intelligence benefits children. Some parent development courses give parents tools for addressing their own behaviors to become better parents.

But by toddlerhood, most parents can imagine why anger management courses could be useful for parents. As children grow, they push our buttons in ways we never anticipated. Pantley says parents who feel anger is getting in the way of calm parenting should consider anger management classes. This delightful dip in book helps parents who want to give their baby the best start in life.

It helps them pick the right type of board and picture books to enhance their baby's reading, writing and numeracy skills and it also shows them how to develop these skills using imaginative play with lots of storytelling and communication activities. You'll find all the books selected in this parenting guide on Lovereading4kids and more often than not you can check out an extract too before deciding whether it's the right book for child. If you've already got one of the selected books then use Alison Davies' suggestions for guidance.

Full of tempting, action packed photos, this introduction to having fun in the outdoors should get parents and their children out there as soon as possible. The range of activities is huge from boisterous outdoor games for big groups to attractive craft ideas for quieter times. Run Wild is full of ideas and inspiration for outdoor games, adventures and practical activities for children and young people.

Following the success of Nature's Playground, Go Wild and Make it Wild, in their latest book, Run Wild, Jo Schofield and Fiona Danks focus on inspiring children of all ages - as well as parents, teachers, youth leaders and anyone working or playing with children - to have fun outdoors, anywhere, any time, whatever the weather.

From the authors of London Adventure Walks, The Adventurer's Notebook has heaps of white space for creative young minds to fill with drawings, stories and ideas inspired by all the wonderful things you can see and do while out and about in the wild. It is packed with imaginative things to make and do, places to record your finds, instructions on how to cook from the wild, plus bird-spotting tips and how to identify wild flowers and trees.

This is the perfect notebook for inquisitive children to take when exploring the great outdoors.

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Whether scavenging on the beach, climbing trees in the woods, lazing by the river, playing in the park or just hanging out in the back garden, this is all you will need to make your very own record of your adventures. From the authors of the highly successful Adventures Walks for Families In and Around London comes London Adventure Walks, offering 25 carefully devised, imaginative explorations of London - all starting from points easily accessible by public transport - specifically designed to appeal to children.

A terrific book to lure kids away from their computers and to go outside to discover the natural world around us. This is a book that is guaranteed to provide hours of entertainment and hilarity on long journeys. Some of the games are very lively and others bring a calming feel to the family!

Parenting Books

So whatever the reading age or ability, there is something to suit every child. Reviews of the books are accompanied by evocative line drawings and colour artworks from the books themselves, together with reproductions of original jackets and photographs of the authors. Well, snuggle down with this book and you can discover it - and maybe you will read a story that you have never read before and will love it as much as they do.

Great title and this book does exactly what it says — Go Wild outdoors before you grow up! She longed for a simple, easy-to-read, unpretentious manual on how to manage day-to-day parenting challenges with intelligence, patience and kindness. A decade later, she finally wrote that manual — sharing her favorite tips and tactics in the first printing of Survival Tactics for New and Used Parents.


It features one tip and a corresponding cartoon on each page, which makes her practical advice easily accessible. Most of the tips in the book are geared for parents of infants, toddlers, and young children, making it an ideal gift for a baby shower or the new parents on your block. Contact Us.