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  2. Silliest Video Ever of the Day: Dude with Cornrows Eats Corn While Listening to Korn | MetalSucks
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  4. Drought Hits Corn Harvest

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Silliest Video Ever of the Day: Dude with Cornrows Eats Corn While Listening to Korn | MetalSucks

Space is limited and will likely sell fast! The agreement will open in new window. For more examples of this see the trivia below. Okofish talk , 6 March UTC. I think I Know You're Listening should be mentioned as a related comic.

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Effy talk , 6 March UTC. That's a recent variant of an old joke. It's worth noting that Amazon Echo was recently criticized because the host of a television show was filmed using his to make an order, which, when watched, was recognized as valid on devices which didn't use a pin. This caused many unanticipated purchases for viewers.

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I'm not sure wether it was an urban myth, but I heard lots of discussion on the topic a few months ago. Don't read this comic out loud. Nowhere else people are talking so often in a human form to a computer. And I'm sure that will be the future -- not only at home or in a car.

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  • Guy With Cornrows Eats Corn While Listening to Korn;

Anyone still waiting for a whatif or comic about Trappist-1? I am impressed that someone took the time to calculate at least roughly , how much two tons of creamed corn would cost. FWIW, the current version of Google Now only responds to "OK, Google" when spoken by the device owner or someone with closely matching vocal qualities ; my wife's phone won't respond to my voice, nor mine to hers, for the initial hotword detection. Any voice is accepted for the actual query after a successful hotword match, or following a tap on a voice-command icon.

Dansiman talk , 9 March UTC. For fun I tested this today with my Echo Dot and someone has fixed this security hole. For corn to make new highs I think we have to be sub 85mm acres, sub yields, or a combo of both. Crop Conditions will be key to this next week. When we see crop conditions we can estimate yields. Until then I think we continue to consolidate in corn and soybeans. Spec traders and farmers looking to get long should take a look at short dated corn options ahead of the Monday crop conditions report.

Drought Hits Corn Harvest

We have so much soybeans that price rationing is not needed yet. Price rationing probably starts at 82mm acres and a sub 44 bpa yield. If you want to get bullish soybeans then I like that spread better than calls to play the upside. Am production hurt beans more than corn. I like beans but at the moment corn has more potential to go higher. If the crop conditions report is bullish when it comes out in two weeks, farmers may want to start thinking about and