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  4. Former NRL player reveals '50 a day' valium drug habit

He said yes, and will see me on the 8th and if I am doing better with the fentanyl patch, then he will treat me. Docs claim patients are unstable, well here is a really good example of my suspicion of something not right with the doc. He has told me conflicting things since first visit. He told me he will take over the prescription for oxycodone from my primary, and next time told me finish what I have, and he will not prescribe me anything for breakthrough pain. Asking why? Then I was told the fentanyl will take care of all your pain. Personally, I am starting to suspect that my doc and his assistant might not be on drugs themselves.

And they treat us like that? Anyway, thanks everyone for your responses, I do believe in being honest, I just did not trust the pain doc and his assistant and as I said in the beginning of this post, I have been treated poorly and am loosing trust. Correction, lost it after this morning. Pray for my patience to hang in there with the pain doc till I can transition to a new one and that he doesn't change his mind and pull me from the program anyway next week. Benzodiazepines like valium are stored in fat and can stay in your system a long time, sometimes even up to a month. Dont take the valium without his permission.

If you were told not to take it, you'd better not because it is likely to be in your system when you go back and he will drop you. It is not a question of them "not caring". They can lose their license and all their assets-their home, their savings etc. Would you want to risk your livelihood and savings for someone who doesnt follow instructions?

If you dont follow your contract, then it proves to them that you cant follow instructions and that is crucial to pain management. Sorry all for this really long post, I am not in very good shape now and need to vent and explain to all who are so kind to respond to very little information.

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It's only fair to have more to go on. I made a mistake on the first visit, details are in my posts I mentioned in my reply earlier in this thread. It is too much to explain again, that is why I gave the post name and my name for anyone to read and could help here. I post on several forums and that one has the whole recent pain management journey.

I chose being honest as soon as possible and to answer the valium thing, I decided to NOT take it. Current update: I have not gotten a call back today regarding my bloodpressure from my pm, and I went ahead and called my primary anyway. I explained all of it to him and he said it was ok to take 2 blood pressure meds a day, and some other "home" remedy type tricks to relax and bring down the bp.

My primary even said that pain docs are famous for looking to kick people out. Unfortunately, my primary was prescribing the oxycodone with the request of my vascular specialist temporarily till my first appt. Funny, I just remembered what else my primary said after his instructions for lowering my bp: he said he can not understand why on earth my pain doc would have me suffer like this, not bother to call back at this point of conversation 3 hours , but fortunately, legal issues or not, he did make the choice to keep me and not kick me out for being honest at second visit, so why the cut off?

To punish me? I said maybe he is trying to get a baseline on me without the methadone and oxycodone? My primary said he doubted that, and he said it is far too common for Anesthesiologists, doctor assistants to have power issues and are known to hold on to stigmas - expecially methadone.

Trying to withdraw

Just a few minutes ago I got the call back from my pm assistant. He was not polite at all, asked me "So what do you want? What is it you are looking for? He said" So your blood pressure is over what? He said go to the emergency room and then see us tomorrow. He snapped at me saying "what? Then he asked me "Why are you calling about a blood pressure problem? He said " No you are NOT having withdrawals and you are not having them from stopping oxycodone. I asked him if I can still come in tomorrow morning if I don't go to the hospital , he asked my why?

I said that I wanted to "straighten out" what's going on with me. So, this is where I am at. I have a bad feeling that my primary might be right and they are looking to find a reason to kick me out. The assistants attitude and tone with me had me believe he thinks I am either a druggie or unstable and he's fed up with my calls. Well I just started and I know it takes time to get on the right level of pain relief.

I call them, even if it was 2 days in a row, to look to them for help, or inform them or get their OK, to deal with my primary doc over one of the symptoms of a condition related to their pain management. What is so wrong about that? So I get attitude from the assistant? I am ssssssooooo sorry to bother him. Yes I WILL be a pain in the ass for I and this goes for all chronic pain sufferers have the right to appropriate assessment and treatment for pain. We have the right to be treated with respect.

Listen, I really hope you would consider eventually getting off this ride and taking on recovery. I can't speak for anyone else here, but I know many of us have gone through what you are doing, and many of us have a hard time because Dr's are jaded from their experience with this sort of thing. So, coming from a fellow addict, I would plant the seed that says "Life is so short and too precious to be spending all our energy on early refills and overlapping scripts.

There is a very bright light at the end of this dark tunnel, and trust me this is a tunnel and it is dark. Excuse me, I never did drugs in my life, nor abused my medications. This is the assumptions and stigma that people have without getting the facts when there is a mention of any kind of opiate or even pain. I have chonic pain for years and need to be on pain medications for the rest of my life.

Get Valium Online, Private Pot Shops Are Wonderful And Probably Doomed: Neil Macdonald|

Years ago I tried the herbal, natural, homeopathic, eastern meditation and yoga, proper diet, over the counter meds, non narcotics, acupuncture, shots of crap in my spine, TINS units, therapy, etc, etc, ad nauseum. My type of nerve damage is I have contant state of burning in my legs like someone poured lighter fluid on them and set it on fire.

I have stabs or "misfires: that feel like lightning is striking me,or being stabbed with knitting needles. And of course the old hammering a rairoad spike through my ankles. Yes I am very disgusted with your response, I am not in a very good place to have been labeled as a fellow addict. How dare you. I pray, you get some compassion, and learn about people who suffer everyday of their lives, have extreme difficulties getting proper or ANY help or care from doctors and do you know why?

BECAUSE the doctors are afraid to help or prescribe the opiates needed for pain patients due to the regulations and laws made because of Now on to the medication Methadone - It originally was used for cancer patients, until the drug clinics were invented. Still today, methdone pills are used to treat pain. Now, because it in not unusual now a days, that out of desperation and unbearable pain, if a patient does not get care from doctors that are afraid to prescribe, or are not allowed to, or don't know you, cut the patients meds off suddenly with out slowly and humanely weaning down, and they have no where to turn, people are figuring out that they can temporarily get into a methadone clinic for help with their withdrawals if not weaned of from doctor or can not take the pain any more and have gone to emergency rooms a skillion times.

At least they have the liquid that is perfect for chronic long term pain.

I was resorted to do that till I found a doctor after a few years actually, that was willing to help and refer me to a hospital pain clinic. It is a very difficult process and takes time. So, the minute someone knows a person was using a methadone clinic for pain, either they don't believe it, or ASSUME they are an addict, and even if they really do have pain, too bad.

Live with it. That it is a term when heard or read, for addicts? I don't know where you are coming from, but after this, do you still think you know enough to call me a fellow addict? I read your profile and I do feel your pain, you have been through alot. Here this though, we are both seniors , so we have been through much in our lives. I am not in denial. Really now! You abused drugs AND you have also been on prescriptions due to your chronic pain. I understand and applaud YOU for not being in denial. Just because there are people that have to depend on medications and never abused or used any for recreation, etc.

Forget opiates. There are many other drugs that can not be stopped suddenly without harm or withdrawals and people have to be dependent on those. Do you call them addicts? What about people who have to take steroid treatments for lung and kidney issues long term or the rest of their lives? They are dependent on the drug. Yet, there are people in sports that abuse steroids. Try calling an Emphysema patient a fellow addict because he is cut off medications and asking on a forum should I take this or that? But I might have problems with this doctor. Is he an addict and in denial?

My point here, fellow senior is just because you are an addict and have chronic pain, and on opiates many years and if you can live with that kind of pain without any meds, then that is your choice to live with your suffering but please do not couple someone else with you. They do not have the same experience with drugs or any, so please be careful how you respond to people on the forum. I asked about the valium, because it helps with the anxiety. I still have almost a full bottle from last year October.

If I were an addict, I would not even bother to ask how long it stays in your system. I would just take it. If I were an addict, I would not gather other peoples opinions and experiences and weigh out the suggestions and then decide on what I need to do. It is called support. Below is a copy of a post you responded to and the results. I just wonder why you didn't label them as an addict or in denial: balbanese First off, YOU are in control.

If you want off you can find a competent physician who will put your well-being first. A lot of this comes from how you present yourself to the medical community. If you go in adamant about being clean and having peace of mind, the right Dr will help you reach that goal, otherwise they may try to accommodate what they feel you are steering them towards. You may need to change Dr. Hope this helps. I have 3 docs working on this and have just added a 4th. I am sorry but as I said brfore Just an answer to my question. No recommendations for treatments etc.

I a only wondering about the subutex.

Former NRL player reveals '50 a day' valium drug habit

I added extra details to avoid comments and suggestions. I am getting very frustrated. I know you guys are trying to offer your suggestions etc. But it isnt hekping. I know Im in charge. Again i just had a wuestion about the subutex. My cat is the only thing ive ever known who had it and she cant tell me. Thats why i am here asking. Perhaps this is the wrong site to ask as I seem to be getting nowhere. I know it's frustrating when everyone has an opinion except the one you're after, I can be more specific to your needs but I think I've done enough damage.

As side, I taught my cat how to sign, but she's ADHD and confused and somehow thinks I have an interest in fish products. She insists on answering my questions about Xanax as if they have something to do with cataracts. Talk about frustrating! Best of luck to you. I am sorry you've had such an adverse reaction to the term I used. Look, I saw a pattern in your post. I was wrong. I am the addict and not your fellow. Once in a while I get it wrong. It's alright. I DO get passionate for something I believe in.

I am an advocate for chronic pain patients rights. Sorry for going on a tangent and I do apologize for being brutal in response. Timing was not good at all. You meant well. Thank you. Wow, I can't believe this string is still going. Who are you calling elderly? One in the Ash Creek area, which has to be thousands of acres, is surrounded by a hand-build stone fence which appears to be 4 feet high and 4 feet wide. You can see it clearly on Google World. Another ranch, a bit higher, was also huge just more like hundreds of acres rather than thousands. Oh well ….

There were Old Old houses probably original homesteads and ramshackle trailers mixed in with the new houses and estates. Altogether a fascinating ride. Oh yes … and there was odor in several places which spoke of pot farms of rather impressive size. When I got back to the park, I had a good dinner of slaw, green salad, beans and bacon, hot bread, and grilled tri-tip with an Arnold Palmer and an ice cream sandwich. There was plenty of food since they had planned for riders and wound up with only That was a surprise since the events we usually work would consider 85 participants a failure.


Oh well … do your job, Wilma, and shut up. I met several interesting and friendly folks. As usual, I was the only female ham. George said I did well and that others were impressed that not only am I female, but I knew what I was doing. We got home at It was a long day. We spent sunday quietly restoring energy levels and ate leftover meatloaf for dinner. Our own local bicycle and run events are beginnings as well. The final? That event is scheduled for 18 June. This year they added another rest stop and a fifth SAG wagon, both of which will require additional radio operators.

I will repeat my station at Mumbo Crest where I am done about noon, but I may have to double on a late shift at the new station in Grenada or possibly as Net Control relief. George will be on one of the SAG wagons. We will be busy all day whatever happens. The post-ride meal this year promises to be interesting. They are using a new caterer who does wood smoke bar-b-que pork.

Tuesday was our monthly trip to Medford.

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It was overcast but we hit only slight showers. There was a great view of the Mountain on the way north. And remember the outhouses I told you about? A new fire started in Weed last thursday afternoon around close to where the BIG one burned through two years ago. There was rain and snow on friday which helped bring it under control without much damage other than to a dry area close to the old dump. No residences involved. Our younger son in New York gets CalFire Twitter tweaks or whatever they are called concerning events in this area and so usually knows about fires before we do.

Life keeps presenting us with problems. By deciding that they are gifts, we become beneficiaries. Weather is holding in the guess-what-comes-next mode. John got the straw bale section of the garden started.

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Now, for the next week, I need to water twice a day. Then it will be ready to plant. We will be doing squash that way this year. Seemed like a good choice for a first experiment. I am in the process of getting another bed ready for potatoes. The starts are cut and hardening-off. It will be in the 80s today, but down into the 60s tomorrow.

It is a really purple spring this year. In the past, the season had been yellow and purple, but this year the yellow came early and is nearly done. Did I tell you the schedule for bicycle and running events this summer has been whittled down? When we first started doing the amateur radio health-and-welfare thing there were only two events. Two years ago, we did seven. This year there will be five. Planning for the Castle Crags event is well under-weigh. I do the Mumbo rest stop for that event and the folks manning that stop always dress-up.

One year they were beach bikini bimbos. Another bikers. I wonder what it will be this year? They have a facial morphing program which shows the changes to the face of a tobacco user as they age. It seems to intrigue youngsters. Mark and family will be here, so George will be occupied. I noted a couple of days ago that the music world seems to have discovered Czech composers in addition to Dvorak and Smetana.

Dimitri remember Dimitri? Too bad. The throat situation seems to be taking one of the best baritones around. Sun this morning with the panthers on guard. Seems I did a no-no last week in not being more descriptive about a long-time friendship. True, but I still like the ambiguity … who was the patient and who the attendant? Actually, we were part of an American Friends Service Committee group of young people spending the summer working as attendants.

All the other were aged between 18 and I have definitely proven that my forte is research, not use of the on-line Family Search World Tree. A young Sister from Portland was here to help us learn how to use the Family Search program now that it is open to all. As she explained it, it all seemed so easy … a no-brainer. I wonder what that new mother was thinking? That was an interesting few days.

I thought I knew my Grandma. But as I organized what information I had, and added to it what had become available since I last collected, my picture of her expanded. Now that I know the challenges she faced, I love her more than ever. We went after chicks and straw for the garden last monday.

The Mountain is looking beautiful ….