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Show your face, another victim of the cold embrace. Before too long, no more singers, no more songs. Oh no, last call, you had a chance, you lost it all. Got some, bad news, never learned to dance, born to lose.


Born To Lose

Telling lies just makes it worse, another loved one, blind and cursed, Don't speak the truth, only lies, all we need is a reason why. But then you always miss the point, your perfect time is out of joint. Stand Up!

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Bite your tongue, hell coming and it won't be long. Fairmont: Artemis - Eiffel Rev: Real You - Counterfit: Better Late Then Never - Goodwill: Let It Go - Sonny: Really A Wonderful Night - Over It: Serial Kisser - Stereotyperider: Ones For You - Project Bluebook: Railroad - Somehow Hollow: Walking Clothed Foot - Keepsake: A Radiance Narrative - Further Seems Forever: Insincerity - Adventures Of Jet: Drag - Arson Investigation: Broken Mirrors - Bottom Line: Can We Forget.

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The Generators: Raining Ashes - 3. Angel City Outcasts: Down Spiral - 4. Charley Horse: Eastbound And Down - 6. Born To Lose: Sweet Misery - 7.

Empire Cast - Born To Lose Lyrics | dikujumesu.gq

Demented Are Go: Destruction Boy - 8. Bombs: Heart Break Motel - Chelsea Smiles: Heart Attack - Paul Fenech: F. Word - Deadline - We Are Not American - 3. Broilers - Geboren Zu Gewinnen - 4. The Heartbreak Engines - Gunwitch - The Grit - Surrender - Frontkick - Like Father Like Son - Photo by Sean Marshall.

Black Sabbath - Born to lose (Toni Martin)

I have had people who are close to me, or have been at one time that have traveled down the wrong road and I think this was more or less my way of understanding the situation. I remember specifically how this song came together. Thankfully he was off work that day so I went over and we got to work in the woodshed and started hashing this song out.