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Dear Africa

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  3. Dear Africa
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Bruce cheerfully welcomed us and helped us get settled into our luxurious, spacious room. This helped to soothe my still sensitive emotions at saying goodbye to River. The food was excellent and the service friendly and delightful. Once again, the people we encountered made this trip so special! Everyone is warm, friendly, genuine. We engaged in a wonderful conversation with 2 women from New Zealand — great fun! But they were very good-natured and it actually created a nice connection and led to some great conversations.

The morning brought with it dense fog and some drizzle. It was foggy with some rain along our drive but still beautiful and interesting.

Dymocks - (ebook) Dear Africa, eBook ()

We made our way to Simons Town and the Penguin colony — much fun watching them waddle around. As we made our way back to Cape Town, we stopped at Steenberg Winery for some wine tasting. The fog now lifted and the rain stopped, we took our evening stroll a few blocks where we enjoyed an early dinner at Beleza , tasting Ostrich for the first time — yum! Another delicious breakfast in our bellies, Chris arrived to take us to Table Mountain. Oh wait.

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So he drove us around to some other interesting parts of Cape Town waiting for the fog to lift enough for the mountain to open. Finally, our window of opportunity opened and we went for it. Thank you. So you had a lot to live up to after Kenya but you definitely did it. I completed the big five with an elusive sight of a leopard climbing a tree, I had to choose between watching lions chilling or elephants bathing at one watering hole, and we had a lioness and her cub playing alongside the truck side.

I got to camp in the Serengeti and fall asleep listening to the animal calls thankfully I was so tired I slept through unlike some of the others in the group! Tanzania you were pure magic. But, in a way that made my time visiting you even sweeter. You were THE big surprise of the whole trip: stunning landscapes, such friendly people, and a reminder of what community means. I brought some carvings of a giraffe so maybe they are my favourite animals?

Dear Africa

I will definitely be back and in the meantime the mask I carved not very well is hanging from my wall as a reminder. One of the seven natural wonders of the world, m wide, ,00 cubic metres of water are all facts I have heard to describe your biggest attraction.

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How wrong could I be? I walked along it and got very, very wet, I did a microflight and loved it so much I had the most spontaneous moment of my life and booked a helicopter ride to go back over the falls, I swam on the edge and looked over and I still want more.

Zambia, you have given me an appreciation for epic waterfalls. Botswana my visit was short but very, very sweet.

Dear Africa ft. Les Nubians

I love your dedicated to protecting and supporting wildlife. Poaching is so rife throughout Africa and it was a breath of fresh air to see the problem being tackled successfully somewhere. Before this trip everything I have heard about you was negative.

Dear Africa

But putting aside the problems you are facing your scenery is stunning and I got to walk with rhinos! I hope in the future more tourists will be able to explore the wonders of your country. The top things on my Africa bucket list were gorillas and Lesotho. Before I went everyone asked me Lesotho, where is that?

We undertake proposal development and implementation of development and humanitarian assistance. Remember Me. Humanitarian relief in northeast Nigeria.

*Not the continent with 55 countries

Children's role in security sector reform. Food Security and Disaster Risks Reduction. We are non-profit, public-spirited and dedicated to increasing the understanding of how African societies develop so that individuals, organizations, markets and institutions work for a harmonious, inclusive, tolerant and just society.

A people — centered African community enabled for sustainable development. To support women, children and families so that they receive assistance, recover and rebuild lives free from fear and violence.

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Our Goal African communities facilitating people-centered development processes for enhanced peace, healthy living and sustainable environmental practices through self-propelled strategies. Donate Now. Our Focus areas.