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Yet, it is very unfortunate that most of us are not equipped with those eyes, as we are just not accustomed to holding only positive perceptions of others. This tendency can create unpleasant thoughts and feelings toward others, which can eventually ruin even our closest relationships, and in the end, even our lives.

So is there anything can we do? Yes there is hope! I would like to introduce you to the most powerful tool for obtaining happiness, it is called OMAK. What is OMAK? Everybody has all sorts of qualities, temperaments, and characteristics. Among them, some are considered as merits or good qualities and some are faults or shortcomings.

When we interact with others, our tendency is to focus on one category over the other, and this focus dominates our pleasant or unpleasant perceptions, which then defines our relationship with those people. Once we have become conditioned to this, we may still notice some faults in other people; however, this will not bother us as much anymore, because our focus will be on celebrating their kindness and other good qualities.

Let me give an example here. Even though we ourselves may have many issues, we do not find ourselves to be annoying.

These 10 Happiness Quotes Will Change The Way You Think And Help You Embrace Optimism

Even though they may have many good qualities, we often cannot even forgive them for a very minor fault. Furthermore, often during our interactions with others, our minds are dominated by negative feelings because our biased perceptions help magnify their tiny faults. On the contrary, when we think of ourselves, our minds will do the reverse by magnify our own good qualities, however tiny they are. Therefore, we can all see that our distorted perceptions of reality are often influenced by the powerful effects of familiarization which makes the object of being observed project certain characteristics onto our minds.

The Reality: The reason we should practice OMAK is because while others may be unaware of our kind thoughts and intentions, we will still benefit greatly from it.

Embrace Your Own Reality: It's the Key to Happiness | HuffPost Life

On the other hand, if we continue to obsess and get upset over the faults of others, they may not know it either, but we will certainly suffer. For 18 years, she successfully helps cutting edge clients turn ambition, talent, and objectives into profit and happiness. Shining achievements are her brilliant children. Like us on Facebook, tweet us on Twitter or email us for availability of Mastermind Success Groups or private coaching. Stefanie bcarefree. Embracing Change. Here are some tips for embracing change. Focus on the outcome you want.

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Let go of your ego or pride and simply ask for assistance. Listen to your intuition. Very often we have a sense of what is going on and we ignore it. Trust your decision-making.

Everyday Power

Quite often people will respond with what is best for them, not you. Enlist support. Share the shift you want to make with confidants. This was what he missed. He knew her so well, he missed her friendship, her mind, her humour and yes he could admit it, he missed getting to watch her six as she walked ahead of him. I can already see you overthinking everything I've said. Carter — this isn't complicated. He loves you. And I'm pretty sure you love him. Make it simple. Sam grabbed her bag and let herself out of the apartment while Jack rose to go get himself another beer.

He knew full well the other him would be pissed as hell about what he had just said but he was sick of thinking about everything he had lost. He missed Daniel and Teal'c but losing Carter was like a great gaping hole in his life. He didn't realise how much he relied on just being able to see her in any capacity and that was the only reason he hadn't put a stop to her monthly visits.

It was his one connection to her and he just wasn't strong enough to give that up. Story Story Writer Forum Community.

Want to be happy? Embrace being miserable

Jack's clone is not coping well living without his team. Sam comes up with a way for them to both be happy. Sam sighed once again and sat opposite him. I'm not planning anything stupid.

You know how he feels about you — hell — how I feel about you! Sam looked up in surprise.

Embracing the Suck: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness - Linh Thai - TEDxEverett

There are regulations…" "Carter! Think about what I said. Chapter 1 2. Chapter 2 3. Chapter 3 4. Chapter 4 5. Chapter 5 6. Chapter 6 7. Chapter 7 8.